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Eating Out, Minus the Eating

By Kelly I distinctly remember my birthday last year. Teyla was just four days old. We had only gotten home from the hospital the day before. But since it was my birthday, and a Sunday, my husband bundled everyone up and took us to a fabulous brunch at a quaint, old inn near our house….

Winner of The Kid Dictionary!

by Rachel It is time to announce our winner from our Ultimate Blog Party Post!! The lucky winner of the Kid Dictionary is. . . #2 – Dana! Congratulations – you should be getting an email soon to get shipping information.


By Veronica Back before I had children, I walked for exercise. I love walking. I love getting to know the landscape and the neighborhoods and the birds and the human oddballs. My method of walking for exercise was very simple: I walked away from my home until I was so tired that I could not…

Ten Tips for Mothers Expecting Their Second Babies

By Megan “Wow, looks like my humor has really missed the mark this time! I hope some mothers will still find my suggestions below helpful, even though my slight exaggerations in the interest of a laugh seem to be detracting from the original intent behind my post. Having a second baby is wonderful and fun…

Tightening Your Belt

By DeeDee When I was in my early 20’s, I was involved in a head-on car collision. And because I was young and made not-so-wise decisions nearly daily, I wasn’t wearing my seat belt. We were hurtling down the freeway traveling at least 65 mph, and hit another car going the wrong way. I had…

A Dose of Humor – Top Rejected Mommy Blog Names

5 Minutes for Parenting’s weekly column, A Dose of Humor, is here to remind you to take your humor pill regularly as the best medicine to treat the side effects of parenting! It features a different blogger every week and is hosted by Rachel at Grasping for Objectivity in My Subjective Life. Now you can…

You Can Never Hold Back Spring

By Beck The top of the small climbing gym popped above the snow in the backyard yesterday, which is how I know that spring is finally here. We still can’t quite go into the backyard yet – it’s DEEP snow back there and soft and we sink in, hip-deep. (Or shoulder-deep, in The Baby’s case.)…

I Can’t Believe I’m Having Triplets

By Kelly I really want to write a crazy lead paragraph for this post — I found a toenail in my Jamba Juice today! I’m moving to Morocco! I drove my car off the side of a mountain and was buried in snow for days! — but I suspect you’re aware of the date already….