Because I Am Becoming More Enlightened By The Day

By Mary

Confession time.

Today, sadly, one of my children could be seen walking through the store with his/her coat on INSIDE OUT. And yes, I was aware of it. And no, I did not say a word to the child.

If I had seen a kid walking around like that in my less enlightened days as a single person, or even in my control-freak days as a mother of two well-behaved-by-the-grace-of-God little girls, I probably would have thought self-righteously that the child’s mother really should get her (kid’s) act together.

However, today I noticed the jacket with a bemused smile, bit my tongue, and LET. IT. GO. And I firmly believe that in that act lies proof that I am getting more sensible.

Because as my mom would say, it doesn’t affect my salvation.

I’m not saying I’m abdicating all responsibility. I probably will at some point clue the kid into the fact that this particular jacket is NOT reversible. But on this particular day that particular child did NOT need mom to rag on him/her for one more thing. And so I bit my tongue and held my head high.

And breathed a sigh of relief that I was wearing my adorable new green jacket, my best jeans, and my cutest black boots. And was having a good hair day. The theory, of course, being that people won’t judge me quite as harshly if I myself am well pulled together.

Guess I’m not fully enlightened yet.

Ah well. One baby step (or inside-out jacket) at a time.

Mary is a Mom of 10 blogging at Owlhaven.

8 Responses to Because I Am Becoming More Enlightened By The Day
  1. Kari
    September 7, 2008 | 1:31 pm

    oh man, I can so relate to this post……I am guilty of “dressing up” the outside to present well and forget the truly truly important thing is the heart! thanks for sharing this with us!!

  2. melody is slurping life
    September 7, 2008 | 2:45 pm

    So there with you. We were in a store the other day and I looked at one of my sons…his shorts were inside-out. The inside pocket sacks flapping loosely on the outside. I chose to take your approach. 🙂

  3. SarahHub
    September 7, 2008 | 3:19 pm

    My husband dressed my daughter yesterday.

    It’s one of the first cool days, so he put her in a brand new dress. She had it on all day…

    When we met my mom for dinner in the evening, she was quick to point out the bloomers hanging out, still attached to the dress!

    I’m just glad he dressed her!

  4. Leslie
    September 8, 2008 | 5:42 pm

    I can so relate to this! I think back to those unenlightened days and just laugh at myself for being so…uninformed. Good for you – I’m still trying to remind myself to let it go too!

  5. Monica
    September 8, 2008 | 6:38 pm

    I struggle with this too. My eldest girl, 10, is like a dirt magnet and she could care less. Makes me crazy and I cringe at what my friends and her little friends think, but I try to limit the nag to only a dozen a day.

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