It’s in the couch cushions.

Guest post by Jenna

I have decided that whatever we’re looking for around the house is… in the couch cushions. Somewhere deep within my couch, there is a greedy monster that likes to play hide-and-seek with whatever it is I’m looking for.

Right after Colby was born, my parents and sisters came over to bring us dinner. (just one of the many times they would do this)  A few days later, my sister Katrina noticed her cell phone was missing. We looked and looked everywhere for this phone and just decided it had been stolen or was in a jacket pocket. That was in May. In July, when I finally got around to vacuuming out my couch, guess what I found? Katrina’s cell phone.

There have been other things we have found in the couch cushions – Colby’s matchbox cars, cracker crumbs, my hair clips, etc., etc. But I wasn’t necessarily looking for any of those items. So, time passed and I forgot about the “monster”, but the other day, I was desperately looking for Kennedy’s pacifier clip. We don’t go anywhere without “Kia-dee binky”, as Colby calls it, and she’s very good at spitting the binky out of her mouth whenever she doesn’t want it. This causes the binky to fall to the floor, and I’m tired of getting funny looks when I put the binky in my mouth and then stick it back in her mouth. Just kidding. Sort of. So anyway, I’m running through the house frantic because I can’t find the stinkin’ binky clip, so I just make sure I have 2-3 pacifiers and I vow to switch them out and remember to wash them off whenever one falls to the floor.

We spent an entire week without a binky clip. So, I finally got to Target and bought more and then all was right with the world. Right? Wrong. Guess what happened yesterday? I cleaned out the couch cushions and found –

a headband

2 matchbox cars

money !!!


1 pacifier clip

Hooray! I now have 3. I’m still looking for one. Will you please check your couch and make sure your couch monster didn’t eat Kennedy’s binky clip? :-) My mom says she has a dryer monster that eats socks. Thankfully I don’t have a dryer monster, but I do have a couch monster. I think I will name him Oscar the Couch.. Monster.

Originally posted August 23, 2007 , at kevinandjenna [dot] com, jenna ended up getting rid of the aforementioned couches and now has leather reclining couches. Did this solve her Couch Monster dilemma? Not one bit.

5 Responses to It’s in the couch cushions.
  1. Texasholly
    March 7, 2010 | 11:07 pm

    ha! I am frightened by the amount of crap under the couch, let alone under the cushions.

  2. jenna
    March 30, 2010 | 2:58 pm

    Hello, fellow Texan Holly! My in-laws live in Bedford, TX; my husband grew up there and went to LD Bell hs. I love your blog!

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