Stay at home Dad

Guest post by Derek Cromwell

Hello. You’re probably wondering who I am. Judging by the sudden stop in your scrolling you’ve likely stumbling across me by accident, more than likely while searching for something else. I understand. I’m slightly unpopular and most certainly uncool. That’s because I’m a stay-at-home Dad. I’m not the garden variety though. The sexy dad you see in magazines chasing a kid wearing name-brand apparel leaping over a park bench. Nay. I am the bumbling incapable father who switched from a life in EMS to being home with my 2 year old little girl when the wife wanted to go back to work.

I’m terrible at it.

It’s only been a month since this has begun, and already I’m certain that I qualify for some category in the special olympics. They should seriously require not only testing and licensing, but also continuing education courses. I have to carry a license CPR, the instruction of CPR since I teach…taught it. But also a general license to practice medicine. Someone gave me a kid though, and the instructions were lost in the mail.

You think I exaggerate for the sake of humor, and you’re correct but about this I wish it were such. I genuinely am awful at this. Thankfully my 2 year old is versatile enough that she won’t be killed in the line of duty serving dad, and my wife is a good catch (I’ll let you reason that one out)

You see I hail from a place where stay-at-home dad’s don’t know as much as media puts on. Where stay-at-home dad’s are lucky  if they remember to make lunch for the kid. I must be reminded sometimes that 2 year olds can’t feed themselves…and just because I’m not hungry doesn’t mean she isn’t hungry. In this beautiful place, I have forgotten that my 2 year old wears a diaper… and 6 hours without a change is their limit. Doesn’t matter the brand. It is a place where you spend 5 hours preparing the best baked ziti (at least I can cook) and the child says “I dun like dat. is yucky daddy.” so I proceed to hang my head in shame and defeat. This is my home, and I just realized I haven’t vacuumed in about a week and I -still- need to put away the towels I washed two days ago.


The point of all this random ramble my fine readers? My nails need attention, I have dish-pan hands, I hate my cats, I haven’t enjoyed a video game in almost a month, I still can’t figure out where all these dirty dishes are coming from, my daughter manages to find the crayons and markers no matter where I hide them, I miss my wife and I swear to god if someone doesn’t hug me, and I mean right now, I -swear- I’m gonna go back to work. But then of course I’d miss all the play time with my little angel.

My daughter just walked up and put her head on me and said “I yuv you my daddy”. Situation normal, disregard previous rant. *click click. delete*

Derek Cromwell blogs at King of the Castle… during naptime.

5 Responses to Stay at home Dad
  1. Stephanie
    December 20, 2009 | 1:00 pm

    I understand completely. 🙂 You’re just like the rest of us!! Whew.


  2. melissa
    December 21, 2009 | 3:47 am

    whether its a stay home mom or dad the situ is the same. Maybe dads have it more dificult as ppl tend not to believe in dad’s capabilities and are not readily accepted…..welcome friend dont get discouraged life is beautiful even if hard

  3. candace
    December 21, 2009 | 4:56 pm

    I understand where you are coming from! I been a stay at home mom for 2 years and I think I really suck at it some days! Good luck and congrats!

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