Because Sometimes The Small Things ARE the Big Things

By Kelly

There are days, as a SAHM, when I’m tempted to be less than thankful.

I look around at the mess in the living room and the spilled pasta in the kitchen and the bad attitudes on the sofa (also known as my children), and I feel itchy and grouchy. My jeans chafe on my growing belly, and my heart chafes at the shrinking of my world.

I want to run away, as in physically get in my car and retreat to a quiet coffee shop where adults talk in quiet voices and jazz plays in the background and I can hear myself think. (“Hello? Anyone in there?”) But since I believe Big Bad Government frowns on grown-ups leaving three children alone, I do the next best thing: I grab my laptop and go online.

And it’s here, as I read through my Google Reader and peruse Twitter, that I remember how blessed I am. Because of the this fabulous fellowship we call the blog world, I am not alone. And you people – you remind me of good things. You encourage me – literally, you infuse me with courage.

Because of the wonder of the Internet, I can read about how an American living in Africa is reminded of our everyday richness. I can nod my head in affirmation at the thought that “in excess, there is emptiness.” (What an awesome reminder two days before Black Friday.) I can cry at the realization that in the Divine Paradox, the pendulum swing between immeasurable joy and unspeakable grief can be quick and, ultimately, safe. I can even laugh my head off at the companionship we parents share when our children refuse to sleep.

In the grand scheme this virtual camaraderie, is a small thing. I realize that. I am blessed because I have a God who loves me, who encircles me with His presence. I am blessed because I have three children and one on the way. I am blessed because God restored my marriage.

But I am also blessed because of you. So thank you. Thank you for being part of my Internet world, for offering me your friendship and your time and your thoughts.

I am awash in riches.

What blessing, big or small, are you most thankful for this year?

Kelly also blogs at Love Well.

4 Responses to Because Sometimes The Small Things ARE the Big Things
  1. Stephanie
    November 25, 2009 | 1:04 pm

    We just watched Up last night with the kids and the scene where Russel says “it’s the boring things that mean the most” – it’s a great reminder when we’re in the everyday and mundane, it might be making the most lasting memories. I am so thankful for all the moments I have with my family and friends.


  2. Marie
    November 25, 2009 | 7:00 pm

    What a sweet post! The internet is a great blessing. 🙂

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