The Eyes Have It

By DeeDee

Our week was fraught with various dental and eye appointments. I began the week with the dreaded “deep cleaning” of the teeth and gums, because I have been remiss with my flossing. I’ve been busy.

My husband informed me that I would be in need of a pain killer. My eyes lit up. “What do you think they’ll give me?”

“Extra-Strength Tylenol,” he answered.

I could not mask my disappointment. When I arrived, I asked the technician if they could just put me under. She chuckled. No, but they could offer me some tasty banana flavored topical numbing gel.


After my gums went numb, my lips and tongue followed suit. The hideous banana flavor lingered, however. And that’s when the dental technician got all chatty and asked a myriad of questions. None of which I could answer coherently. Without drooling.

I was fairly brave. Which I informed the children upon arriving back home. Followed by a stern lecture on flossing and general teeth hygiene. None of which they could understand.

Later in the week, Emme and I went to the eye doctor for an annual checkup. I am not a fan of having my eyes examined either. Can you detect a pattern here? But, I knew that I needed to put up a brave front for the sake of the high strung 10 year old.

The eye deadening drops and the pressure test were the worse. Just shoot me. It would be less horrifying. And then there was the eye dilating portion of the exam. I had to wait 10 minutes for it to take effect. I ran into a wall. I kid you not.

Emme, I noticed, was breezing through her exam like it was no big deal.

In the end, my eyes are failing simply because of “advancing years.” And that eye doctor is just fortunate that I didn’t kick him any higher. Reading glasses are sufficient. Emme, it seems, is in need of glasses. Real ones. Not the kind you can buy in Walgreens with a coupon.

And she’s elated. Over the moon happy. Turning cartwheels out the door happy.

I guess a trip to the doctor can be as traumatic as you make it out to be. A lesson I can learn from my 10 year old.


But I did enjoy FREAKING HER OUT with my still dilated pupils later that night. So I found my silver lining after all.


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4 Responses to The Eyes Have It
  1. Marie
    November 24, 2009 | 5:22 am

    So glad Emme does so well at the doctor. Maybe next time you should let her give you a talk before YOU go. 🙂

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