Spring Break ’09

By Cassie

Last week was spring break. An entire week of no class to spend with my boy!

Sounds pretty great right? Did I mention the seven page paper that was due when I got back? Or the entire book I was assigned to read? Or the fact Aiden had a fever and had to get blood tests for pneumonia? (Which he didn’t have.) Sure wasn’t spring break in Cancun! I will just say when I returned to my first class Monday and the topic was death it was ironic, I FELT  like death!

I have always had this issue with the rule of parenting. I know it sounds crazy but I have this obsession with rules. (I also have an obsession with breaking them.) I always want rules or guidelines for everything I take on in life. I know that spending every waking moment of your life with your kids isn’t possible and I know never being around is not the answer. Where is the middle ground? What is best for your child? I watch other parents and how much time they spend time with their kids. I won’t lie I find myself looking for an average. I know it seems crazy. Every parent/child relationship is different. Each child has different needs. Each household has different circumstances. So how do you know how what is enough and what is acceptable?

We recently discussed in class the chaotic state of the world. (These are the things you talk about as a philosophy major!) It was said that children are, in a way, thrown into a situation. Every situation is different but each chaotic in its own way. Whether a child is born surrounded by six brothers and sisters roaming the house or simply at home with a single mother. Children are forced to adapt to their surroundings. Kids learn how to make sense of the chaos. After listened to this I got it. I saw the parenting rule shining at me. Our job as mothers is to help our child make sense of all the chaos. There is no law about how much time needs to be spent. Or how time needs to be spent with your child. The only rule is to love your child. Hold them when they need to be held. Listen to them when they need to talk. Direct them when they need direction. Take their little hands in yours and teach them to make sense of the chaos in this otherwise chaotic world.

As a mother you are your child’s safe-place.

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3 Responses to Spring Break ’09
  1. Carrie
    April 2, 2009 | 4:36 pm

    Oh, what a sweet post, Cassie – I always enjoy your perspective. I know thiw was written a while ago, but I just got back from vacation & saw it & I needed it today, so the timing was perfect! 🙂 One thing I’ve been learning lately, because I always want a magic formula for raising my little boy, too, is that parenting is not totally about rules, it’s about RELATIONSHIP – and that is more important than anything else. Having said that, I think I’m going to sit down and play with my boy now. 🙂

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