Guest post by Jenna

My kids are the king and queen of effortless and seemingly random segues in conversations. [No, not the things you ride around on. It would seem I’m pretty good with – “segues”:  any smooth, uninterrupted transition from one thing to another.]

This morning:
My 2 year-old daughter K:  What’s that on your bed, Mama?
Me (the Mom):  It’s a blanket.
K:  What’s it for?
Me:  To cover my toes because I get very cold when I sleep.
K:  Well, I have a hurt on my hand. I got a boo-boo. Kiss it.

I love it! Could I be so smooth when I go from home to the kids’ school to church to the grocery store to the gym to my hubby’s workplace to the dry cleaners to the grocery store again because I forgot something on The List to back home again? Probably not. Usually I’m frazzled, late, grumpy, tired, frustrated, or all of the above. I need to learn how to make segues. I need to take notes from them on how to change the topic of conversation away from my anger and focus it on something more positive. Like kissing boo-boos when they hurt. Or remembering to kiss my kids when they leave for school instead of hurrying them out the car door. After all, I do love them, and it would make life a lot more seamless if I’d do it this way. What about you? Do you have seemingly effortless segues in your life?

And just to illustrate how very good at this they are, here’s another segue.
My son, C:  Ma, what is Christmas about?
Me:  Christmas is about Jesus. We got to celebrate Jesus’s birthday, remember?
C:  Christmas is my favorite. Is it the big Jesus’s birthday or the little one?
Me:  It’s the same Jesus. When Jesus was born, he was a baby, but then he grew up to be a man like your daddy used to be a baby but now he’s a man. But it’s the same person. *long pause*  Do you have any more questions?
C:  Nope. Just boogers.

jenna blogs at kevinandjenna[dot]com and has the best kids ever. They’ll tell you they’re the best too. And show you their muscles to prove it.

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